World’s Worst Punter Backs 5000-1 Shot And Loses Money!

We couldn’t help laughing at this poor unfortunate soul. Apparently, some bright spark managed to put 50p on Leicester City to win the Premier League at the start of the season at odds of 5000-1. All sounds good so far doesn’t it? With the Foxes on the verge of being crowned champion, the punter would stand to bank £2500.

Unfortunately, he then decided to cash out his bet after just one match of the season, at a loss of 5p! Ladbrokes released news of the story this week and it has been picked up by several news outlets including the BBC, who ran the story describing him as the “world’s most calamitous punter“. Fair description we thought.

Who the hell cashes out on a 50p stake at a loss? He must have needed the 45p pretty badly. Hope he spent it wisely.

Apparently Ladbrokes have now contacted the guy to make him an offer to try and “soften the blow” of his own dumbness. We highly doubt they’ll be paying out what he would have won, but maybe they’ll give him one of their free bets which he can then use to make another stupid decision with. Fair play though, he knows how to pick a winner so it would be good to know who he plans to back to win the league next season!

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